The queen of flow ending

If you've seen the acid-fueled desert highway romp in Queens of the Stone Age's video for "Go With the Flow," you might find yourself at a loss when describing it to friends.

the queen of flow ending

It's an economical description — perhaps too economical for one of the most visually arresting videos in recent memory. The propulsive track is married to scenes of the group — rendered in stark black, white and red images — churning out the song while throttling down a desert highway in the back of a pickup. Throw in a couple of face-painted baddies in a rival truck, a few go-go girls and a different sort of 'big bang,' and you wind up with a clip that seems to have 'breakthrough' written all over it.

Click to see photos. The video comes courtesy of Shynola, a collective of visual artists who came together while studying in England. The group has garnered attention with adventurous clips for Morcheeba, Radiohead and Quannum, but it was their video for U.

Josh liked that piece so much that he asked us to pitch on their next video. In their previous work, Shynola had displayed a knack for breathing life and depth into seemingly flat animated figures. With Homme's directive and new inspiration, the collective set out to blend live action with animation. Combining animation and live action is one of the hardest things to do and is very rarely done successfully, so we were quite wary of taking this kind of task on. But it was a great track, and we knew that it would get some good airplay, so we pulled out all the stops to make a video that would be the most rock and roll thing we could imagine.

The directors planned to shoot the band's performance, as well as other live action elements, and then render the images as flat cartoonlike figures through rotoscope animation recently employed in the film "Waking Life". The eight-week project began with one lone day devoted to shooting live action footage.

Then we rolled out the truck and they got in and did their thing as best they could with a camera flying around their heads. They were pretty good-humored, really. It's funny to cover yourself in paint, but it's something else entirely to spend the whole day painted up under hot lights having to play the same song over and over again. Joining QOTSA on the candy-colored highway are two heavies in face paint reminiscent of Hollywood's version of a voodoo priest, played by actors, one of whom put a little too much of himself in the role.

As strange as casting for the clip's bad guys may have been, it paled in comparison to Shynola's search for appropriate go-go girls. With all the live action elements in the can, Shynola dove into an extensive postproduction phase that included "late nights, bad meals, coffee breath, unwashed bodies, tired eyes, angry girlfriends and crashing computers. We're still not entirely happy with some shots, but when you make promos you have a strict deadline. Somewhere in the sleep-deprived haze, Shynola decided to slip in one almost subliminal pat on the back.

As the band's pickup splatters a bug on the highway, "Shynola rocks" is spelled out in the splatter. It seems the long nights paid off, as the "Go With the Flow" clip is turning on viewers and the band itself. That's not what I see or do, so it was very cool when I saw it. I was like, 'Wow, this is just great. The Shynola folks haven't spoken directly with the band yet about the finished product, but it doesn't seem to matter much. What more could we ask?Skip navigation! Story from Movies.

So I imagined Queen and Slim on a tiny plane headed for Cuba as the police closed in on them.

the queen of flow ending

We would never learn if the law captured the couple, and that would be fine as long as the possibility of their safety could live on forever. Instead, Queen and Slim are shot and killed by police just as the couple is about to hop on their getaway plane. We see them both die on the airstrip runway, blood streaking the outfits we've come to know them in. It was also about how do I get them to eventually swap places?

Both civil rights leaders were assassinated. A big reason Queen and Slim lose that chance is due to the white woman police officer who murders Queen as she surrenders. Not just college-educated. The majority of white women voted for Trump.

They could allow their prejudice to overcome their own camaraderie with their own sex. I was like, What? That to me was a reason to say, Oh, what if the cop who gets nervous and trigger happy is this white female cop? I thought it would be symbolic. Both women would like to see that change in the wake of their film.

Of just regular people? Related Content:. In each of those m. Shailene Woodley had never met Sebastian. Iraq had be. As someone who loves adding personal commentary to films, I miss screening movies with friends. A lot. If I had to make a list of things I longed for, it w. While the world is scrambling for toilet paper, it feels like there will never be a shortage of movies.

Even though Hollywood production has come to a stan. The sci-fi story is still slated to hit theat.Queen of the South is an American crime drama television series created by M. Fortin and Joshua John Miller.

Queen of the South 's first season received mixed to positive feedback from critics. The site's consensus reads: " Queen of the South enlivens an overdone premise with action and narrative vigor—and shows hints of intriguing potential. Internationally, the series premiered in Australia on Showcase on August 4, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American crime drama television series. Action Crime Drama Thriller. Fortin Joshua John Miller.

The Queen of Flow

Giorgio Moroder Raney Shockne [1]. David Friendly Scott Rosenbaum M. Robert J. Wilson Lorenzo O'Brien. Further information: List of Queen of the South episodes. June 29, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original on October 30, Archived from the original on April 15, Retrieved April 15, Retrieved June 9, Retrieved September 23, Retrieved August 11, Retrieved October 1, Retrieved April 19, Retrieved August 29, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved November 25, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved December 18, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved October 25, Hollywood Reporter.

Retrieved May 31, USA Network.I believe it's open season on Black bodies. The story follows the titular characters, played by Jodie Turner-Smith and Daniel Kaluuya, as they go on the run after shooting a white cop in self defense. While they fight for their lives, the pair's budding love story is at the center. But even looking past Turner-Smith and Kaluuya's stellar performances, after my second screening of the film, I couldn't help but notice a few subtle nuances peppered throughout the plot.

It's clear that Waithe and Matsoukas had a focused intention when looking at every detail of the project, from the character's names to the shooting locations. Every aspect of the film was meant to showcase the Black experience.

the queen of flow ending

There are many surface level moments of this movie that were so much more than they seemed—but be warned. Everything below is spoiler central. It all comes back to Cleveland for Queen and Slim. It's where they meet on their first super awkward date—but it's also during the drive home from said date that Slim shoots a white police officer in self-defense, which causes the duo to run from the law.

Taking the film's emphasis on Blackness and its cultural history in America, Waithe and Matsoukas explained to OprahMag. Two other points? As Queen pointed out in the opening scene, Ohio is one of 25 states that still imposes the death penalty. The shooting death of year-old Tamir Rice also occurred in Cleveland—a dominant motivator for the BlackLiveMatter movement. His story was in the back of the creators' minds as well. Everything is based on authenticity," Matsoukas told Elle. Matsoukas also explained that the car Slim drove when he got pulled over was specifically chosen because of what she observed while visiting the neighborhood in which Rice's murder occurred.

Video art by sharnaosborne. During what Slim calls their official "second date," the couple takes a moment from their escape to relax, have a drink, and go dancing at a Mississippi bar. And while it's clear that the patrons recognize them, all is well. And if you're curious about the elderly man in the scene who was putting on a concert in the background—that was Mississippi blues legend Little Freddie King.

Black love, By Campbell Addy. Because of the movie's title, it's obvious throughout the more than 2-hour long runtime that the people on screen are known as Queen and Slim.Join Next Episode Sign In. Quick Account Setup. Create and Sign In. Join Now. The best TV app on mobile! Get it now free for: iPhone or Android. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more Got it. Season 1. Seventeen years after being wrongly imprisoned, a talented songwriter seeks justice agains the men who caused her downfall and killed her family.

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DramaCrimeMusic. NetflixUS. Andres Salgado. Previous Episode. Episode Summary. If you like The Queen of Flow you may also like. No suggestions yet.

Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like! Let others know what they should also watch Sign In. Forgotten password New to Next Episode? Tue Jun 12, Wed Jun 13, Thu Jun 14, Fri Jun 15, Mon Jun 18, Tue Jun 19, Wed Jun 20, Thu Jun 21, Fri Jun 22, Mon Jun 25, Tue Jun 26, Wed Jun 27, Thu Jun 28, Fri Jun 29, Can the past change? It sounds incredible, but scientists are debating exactly this, with various theories ranging from quantum mechanics to the many-worlds interpretation.

If it could, how would it appear to us? The internet is buzzing with wild ideas, so it's time to go over where they originated, and consider in detail what exactly might be causing it.

Read more MMDE : Ends with " Many people remember the ending of the famous Queen song "We are the champions" as " Video of Queen singing this line live does exist, but today you'll not find it on any of their records, and it apparently never was. It's not that the line isn't in the song at all, because that's how a few renditions of the chorus ends during it. The controversy is the fact it seems to stop abruptly where it would naturally appear again, right at the end of the song.

Hardcore Queen fans are claiming it never was there at the end, but those saying it is a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are saying they are just experiencing a timeline in which that was the case, as would be the answer if you spoke to the original studio engineers. The problem with that is, copies of it today still have the shortened version.

Another theory concerns a deliberately truncated one for radio DJ's, so they didn't have to use their faders when playing back-to-back Queen hits, which most people agree is a little far fetched. The version on that does NOT have the full ending, even though it appears so:. This Mandela Effect has become one of the better known ones. Most are assuming becasue it's sung in the middle of the song, our minds have assumed it's also sung at the end without actually paying attention to it.

Alternate Memories. Toggle navigation. What is The Mandela Effect? The backward soundtrack of The Last Supper. If I had words to "paint" or "make" a day for you? Tongue taste map. Friday I'm in love. The face of Big Ben.

Was Christopher Columbus Italian or Portuguese?

the queen of flow ending

Movie quote from no movie? Is St.This article is a list of endings for Chrono Trigger and its remakes.

The queen of flow ep 104 en français

No matter what, all game endings revolve around fighting Lavos. The manner in which you face it and the point in the storyline in which you do changes the ending you see. For all but the Ocean Palace, winged Epoch, and Telepod fight modes, there is a Gate that appears in Lavos' interior, granting you a respite before fighting the core. These endings are listed in the order they appear in the in-game ending browser of Chrono Trigger DS with the exception of the bad ending, which is listed first.

This ending allows you to witness, in real-time, the events recorded on the computer in AD. Lavos erupts from the ground and sprays flaming spines into the air, which rain down, causing untold destruction. The view shifts to a command center in Arris Dome, where the administrator assumed to be an ancestor of Doan watches helplessly as the computer monitors the destruction. The military gives up and flees, and Lavos' fire consumes the world. After this, the world then becomes grey and lifeless, with a sentence appearing on the screen in a large font that reads, " But We get a scene similar to the start of the game, where the bell rings outside as Crono is awoken in his bed, this time by a soldier.

He informs Crono that his stay of execution has been canceled. He goes to Guardia Castle to meet with the king, and Marle pleads on his behalf. However, the king has been made aware of their quest thanks to Lucca. They are then met by a group of people from across time— KinoKing Guardia XXIand Doan —revealing themselves to be Marle's ancestors and descendants. Afterward, everyone attends the Moonlight Parade on the last night of the Millennial Fair.

Crono, Lucca, and Marle can move around and visit with people in Leene Square. Afterward, they go to the northern square, where the rest of the group awaits near the Telepodspreparing to return to their own times.

And with the Gates closing for good, they will likely never see each other again.

What is The Mandela Effect?

The PlayStation version and all releases afterward include additional anime cutscenes for the Beyond Time ending created by original character designer Akira Toriyama's Bird Studio and was animated at Toei Animation. If you use the Epoch to avoid Lavos' cannons, the closing of the Gates means that there is no way to travel through time any longer.

Crono and Marle return to the square to see the King hanging up Nadia's Bell. Crono and Marle help him but get stuck holding the balloons that were transporting the bell. With Crono hanging onto the balloons and Marle in his arms, they float off into the night sky as the credits roll.

After saying goodbye to their friends, the Gate begins to close, leaving Crono, Lucca, and Marle in the present. At the last second, however, Crono's cat comes running around the corner, chased by Crono's Mother.

She dives into the Gate after the cat, which promptly shuts behind them. Without a moment to lose, Crono runs off to board the Epoch to chase after her. Depending on whether or not you rescued the Chancellor during the Rainbow Shell quest, the King will be aided in hanging up the bell by the Chancellor or by PierreCrono's lawyer, respectively.

This timeline change affects the rest of the game afterward, with Lucca's mother Lara walking around their house doing chores instead of just sitting in her room. This also applies to the ending. If you did not save her legs or never completed that side questLara will sit quietly by the fountain, with her husband, Tabantrying to cheer her up.

If you did save her, she is up and about, begging the now-exhausted Taban to dance with her. In the canon ending, Frog spares Magus ' life, as killing him will not return Cyrus. Magus joins the group for the rest of the adventure, leaving at the end to search for his sister. That is, after going through the Black Omen. After defeating Lavos, Magus' magic wears off, and Frog turns back into Glennwho is a tall, muscular man.

This is because he aged ten years while in his fiendish form. He bids farewell to the others, preparing to return to the Middle Ages.

Lucca and Marle use the opportunity to remark on how handsome Glenn truly is, wishing that he could stay around longer.


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