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peer5 player

Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. The plugin is compatible with the following players: Flowplayer 3. When crossing down this threshold, HLS will switch to buffering state, usually the player will report this buffering state through a rotating icon.Content protection has been a major issue since the beginning of the digital era and its importance is only growing.

Today, services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Spotify, Apple Music etc base their entire business model on the delivery of digital media to end users. The more securely these services can protect their streams, the more secure they can feel about their revenue streams. In this post we will review the most common methods of stream protection and explain how they can be used in combination to create a reasonably secure streaming infrastructure.

There's also a negative side. If you provide a service that can be easily copied or stolen, someone will likely take advantage of that and piggyback on your hard work and your hosting bill to offer the service as his own. There are different methods for addressing different aspects of security and a combination of them usually provides added security. Since every video like every image has a URL, in theory someone could simply copy your video URL and use it with a player of their own choice on a different site.

This means that you are now involuntary providing media services to freeloaders. It's pretty common to use nested frames within your page iframeespecially to play a video, as this reduces the load time for the main page and eases deployment.

With this approach, every time you want to place a video in your page, all you have to do is embed the player frame and point it to the desired video. But what prevents a different site from taking your iframe and embedding it? Even if you don't use an iframeyou still might be vulnerable to cross-site embedding.

Use DENY if you don't want your page to be embedable by anyone. It's also possible to add this header conditionally based on the referrer. Javascript based embed buster This snippet will navigate the user back to your page if someone tries to iframe you. If you place it at the very top of your page, it will make your page completely non-embedable not even by you.

Some media servers employ a token system that blocks requests unless a specified token is provided. This token is very similar to CSRF - it will be a cryptic hash that encapsulates certain information and will usually have a short expiry time to prevent extended usage.

It's possible to create a session based token that will be more tightly locked to a specific user.

peer5 player

While a general token might prevent direct access to the resource, a session token will prevent access to the resource outside the context of your site. The token might validate that the user requesting the stream has the same IP, User-Agent, JS generated hash and other user specific info.

That means that unlike other protection mechanisms, having the stream url will not allow the holder to view the stream. Also known as AES encryption, Stream Encryption means that downloaded segments are a scramble of bytes that need to be decrypted using a cryptographic key before becoming usable. While this might sound very protective, it doesn't provide any protection benefits in terms of content theft when used as is, and is merely an additional technical obstacle.

In HLS for example, the key is provided alongside the segments list manifest file which means your stream bandit can easily decrypt the segments with less than 10 lines of code. Let's say you have a server that authenticates users and only serves the manifest file e. By using Stream Encryption you can enforce that all users have to go through your playlist server and through the security logic residing there to get the decryption key. This means that the segment servers can operate without any special protection because the segments are not usable without the key.

Another use case for Stream Encryption would be content protection. If you are using a third party delivery service that shouldn't be allowed to watch the content, you can encrypt the content and serve the playlist elsewhere.

If the motivation for using stream protection arises due to security while in transport, HTTPS should be used instead which will provide a secure tunnel between your servers and the end user. DRM is currently the most secure way to deliver digital content over the internet. While DRM is similar in concept to Stream Encryption, it separates the decryption key from the content and the entire decryption flow is managed in a secure black box which is not exposed to user-land and, consequently, not vulnerable to user-land hacks and breeches.Get it now.

Simplify your setup. One stream, all platforms. Go future-proof. Stream smart. Use P2P-assisted delivery to improve viewer QoE and handle viewership spikes. HLS-encrypted streams. DRM-protected video. Live and on-demand content. Hybrid delivery mode with P2P. Viblast Player also supports audio-only HLS streams. After v6. It integrates seamlessly through a JavaScript library - no plugins needed. Flash fallback offered via video.

Lastly, Viblast Player does not bind you to a particular design. In fact, it does not come with any pre-defined UI elements, giving you full freedom. See case studies.

Practical Approaches for Securing Your Video Streams

Besides with custom HTML5 players, it can be integrated with embeddable ones such as video. Viblast Player supports the following HLS features:.

peer5 player

Try Viblast Player. Download, It's free! As of the 9th of MayViblast Player is free! Sign up to download. Sign Up. We also provide paid support. Take a look at our pricing. Support Plans. Frequently Asked Questions. Why is HTML5 playback not supported on all browsers and platforms?

Older browsers like IE 10 do not support them. How do you go around using a plugin? Ok, we pulled a few js tricks as well. Do you offer player UI customization? Currently not. One of the strengths of Viblast Player is in that it allows you to design the player as you wish or integrate it with an existing one.

We can also recommend using video. Which codecs are supported?

Deliver to unlimited number of viewers

Do you integrate with other players such as video. Yes, we currently have video. If you are interested in integration with other players, please contact us.Starting with Chrome 55 which Google plans to release this DecemberChrome will block Flash Player from loading in its browser.

This means that in order to stream videos using Flash, users will actually have to opt-in to loading the Flash Player. Flash Player is a legacy technology that is riddled with issues and security flaws. Did I mention that videos also crash more often and use more battery power with Flash Player? With an HTML5-based video player, streams will load faster and more efficiently. This also avoids the need for end-user Flash downloads and updates that are annoying at best and notoriously riddled with security flaws at worst.

The fix is here! Luckily, there are several high-performance, open-source Javascript libraries that take an HLS stream, transmux it to Fragmented MP4 in the browser and push it to the player flawlessly.

One such library is hls. Companies who are currently using hls.

Peer5 WebRTC (P2P) eCDN

Need help migrating from Flash? Check out the guide we compiled. As the demand for ever increasing amounts of delivery capacity continues to grow unabated, no single CDN is able to provide all of the capacity, features, geographic coverage and uptime that broadcasters need.

Hence, the growing momentum behind a Multi-CDN architecture and the load-balancing, redundancy and feature completeness advantages that this approach affords.

Our novel peer-to-peer P2P solution solves the peak demand problem by creating a network that actually gets stronger as viewership increases. Register for your own Peer5 account here. So goodbye Flash Player. Additional Reading 6 min read.Streaming Service Provider. Internal webcasting is a serious business for large technology companies, and is a necessity for employees to stay informed and receive training.

The Fortune 50 company profiled in this case study is of the largest consumer and enterprise tech companies in the world, sending broadcasts from their Palo Alto headquarters to nearlyemployees, in offices across more than countries. The company was keen to stay at the forefront of technology and deliver the best possible high-definition HD viewing experience. Unique Media and their client wanted to achieve multi-bitrate HD webcasting while avoiding last-mile bandwidth problems.

By integrating services from Peer5 into their Wowza-based platform, Unique Media, the client and their trusted partners worked together to stay on the cutting edge—creating a flexible, reliable peer-assisted streaming solution. From all-hands meetings to training and education sessions, this huge tech company regularly needs to stream webcasts to offices around the globe.

Even the strongest internet connection can become saturated when thousands of employees try to watch a HD video at the same time. The freeway system is built to handle the average use case that is, the non-rush hour volume of carsnot the peak use case. Similarly, traditional CDNs content delivery networks and office ISP connections are scaled to handle average internet usage—not the peak use case, where every employee in the office is trying to watch the same 6 Mbps stream at once.

When there are too many simultaneous viewers, just as when there are too many simultaneous cars, the result is widespread slowdowns and stoppages.

They already used the flexible, industry-leading technology of the Wowza Streaming Cloud service. As more viewers join a stream, the capacity to deliver that stream grows proportionally.

And when the demand goes away, that capacity also goes away. Peer5 creates an elastic mesh network between viewers who are watching the same stream, enabling them to share the underlying video segments with each other instead of always fetching the segments from a server.

peer5 player

Viewers who are physically close to one another tend to be the best peers. In an office setting, where every viewer is connected to the same high-throughput local area network LANthis peer-to-peer sharing is particularly effective and powerful. Of course, for any of this to be possible, there must still be a primary streaming media server in place.

When viewers begin watching a stream, the integrated Peer5 service then offloads a certain percentage of those viewer requests from the Wowza server to other viewers. The solution also integrates Wowza Player for stream playback. According to Jon Stethridge, managing director at Unique Media, his team worked with the client to perform rigorous testing when evaluating potential technology for the custom solution.

He says the choice to use Wowza Player was easy: Not only is it built to work seamlessly with the Wowza Streaming Cloud service, but it also performed the best in HLS streaming tests, even in the face of network issues. Unique Media has been a longtime user of Wowza technology because of its unmatched quality and reliability, says Stethridge. Working with Wowza and Peer5 helps us keep our product on the cutting edge. On Sept. There was a two-hour broadcast window, and about 1, employees were connected to the stream at peak viewing time.

Viewership statistics from the Sept. Over GB of video was delivered to the viewers during the broadcast window.Product Use Cases. Enterprise OTT. MediaPlatform MediaPlatform is a leading enterprise video platform enabling large-scale live streaming and on-demand video. MediaPlatform Broadcaster is a platform built exclusively for the unique requirements of business broadcasting.

Peer5 powers many large scale events for MediaPlatform including for several Fortune companies. Kaltura empowers enterprises to broadcast an event of any size easily and with confidence whether it is for a team meeting, town hall, or international conference. From live streaming to on-demand video, self-serve to full white glove production services. Peer5 partnered with Kaltura in and has successfully provided video delivery services for any Kaltura customer with an integration that takes only 30 seconds.

Intradoformerly West, is an innovative, cloud-based, global technology partner to clients around the world. Intrado Digital Media connects people and organizations at the right time and in the right ways, making those mission-critical communications more relevant, engaging, and actionable. Intrado Studio, is the leading webcasting and streaming technology delivering over 50, events annually, helping organizations communicate with their employees, customers, investors and the media.

Company Webcast Based out of the Netherlands, Company Webcast serves more than mid-sized and large organizations as well as local government authorities in Europe. They provide production, studios, professional services, and webcasting software. The team have worked together sinceand is comprised of dynamic, skilled professionals that approach each event with focus, superb technical knowledge and a good sense of humour!

Canalchat With offices in France and New York, Canalchat Grandialogue is a creative communication specialist, specializing in live interactive webchats. Founded by a complementary and experienced team of developers, journalists, video producers and sound designers, Canalchat Grandialogue ensures the complete realization and management of your live conversations text or video for all types of audiences.

National event organizers, associations and corporations. Even dozens of other Bay Area video production companies. They all rely on ICV's ability to support their entire video production and live webcasting process, no matter the location or the scale.

Servers for WebRTC: It is not all Peer to Peer (Kranky Geek WebRTC Brazil 2016)

Video production, video equipment rentals, video studio rentals, video editing and creative services. Locally or across the country. Ikuna Based out of Spain, Ikuna PowerPresenter is a platform that enables corporate broadcasts to be live streamed with real-time synchronization of presentation slides. Ikuna also integrates audience questions, surveys, downloadable documents, and social networks — all in a highly customizable, multi-language, multi-platform interface.

With Sequoia, your team is more connected and more informed. Become a Partner! Peer5 featured CDN partners. Peer5 supports other CDN providers as well and has worked with dozens of global and regional content delivery networks.

Peer5 featured players. Full list of supported players can be found on Peer5 documentation.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together. Join them to grow your own development teams, manage permissions, and collaborate on projects.

We use this repo for PRs we make to lolex. HLS library for video. Elasticsearch response parser for Node. Useragent parser for Node. Just some helpers for writing kibana plugins. P2P HLS library for video. A hapi plugin to read session data from Redis saved previously using express-session.

An extensible media player for the web. An API that seamlessly empowers your xhr request through an on-the-fly peer-to-peer network created from your site's visitors. BemTV Peer-to-Peer stats box plugin for clappr media player. Web-based MongoDB admin interface, written with Node. Builder for creating distributable JavaScript files from source. Concatenate, wrap, uglify. Skip to content. Sign up.

Enterprise video delivery finally solved

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