Partecipa al wired digital day

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partecipa al wired digital day

Log In. Definition of firmware. First Known Use of firmwarein the meaning defined above. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about firmware. Time Traveler for firmware The first known use of firmware was in See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near firmware fir moss firm red heart firm up firmware firn firnification firn line See More Nearby Entries. More Definitions for firmware.

partecipa al wired digital day

English Language Learners Definition of firmware. Comments on firmware What made you want to look up firmware? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Love words? Need even more definitions? The awkward case of 'his or her'.Here's how to take care of your nails, hair, and skin at home—because if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it's now.

Silence is increasingly scarce, even in national parks. Now, scientists and environmentalists are working to calm the noise for the good of nature—and for us. If Tom Nook is getting you down, a new farming simulator offers a sweet escape. Whether it's time to upgrade your headphones or change up your bedtime routine, these sales have you covered. Concerns about the Chinese government shouldn't be dismissed, experts say. But banning TikTok would be a drastic measure.

By tearing down bootleg network switches, researchers found ample opportunity for malice—but no signs of a backdoor this time. The Netflix animated series has been pretty solid for three seasons now. But does it have anything left to say? Whether you need a travel-friendly tablet or something affordable for the kids, we tested every model to find the right one for everybody. The annual confab is going online this year—and there's a chance it will never recover.

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partecipa al wired digital day

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Wired Digital Day, a Bari in diretta dal futuro

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Maroon 5 - Lost Stars

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We put Western Digital’s dreaded SMR Red drive to the test

If your preferred location is temporarily unavailable, you can search for available locations here. Yes, we have resumed in-home delivery and services. We are following recommended guidelines when we visit your home so we can keep everyone safe.Thumb down, thumb up. Ever since the Covid pandemic left a great many people locked down in their homes in early March, the evening ritual has been codifying: Each night ends the way the day began, with an endless scroll through social media in a desperate search for clarity.

The constant stream of news and social media never ends. Megan Molteni. Lauryn Hill. Angela Watercutter. Now, the only thing to binge-watch is the world's collapse into crisis. Coronavirus deathsworldwide and countingunemployment rates around 13 percent in the USprotesters in the street on any given day marching for racial justice countless thousands —the faucet of data runs nonstop. There are unlimited seasons, and the promise of some answer, or perhaps even some good news, always feels one click away.

For years people have questioned the net benefits of platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and while some studies have found social media, when used responsibly, can have positive effects on mental health, it can also lead to anxiety and depression. Or, at the bare minimum, FOMO. Add in a global pandemic and civil unrest—and the possibility that social media networks are incentivized to push trending topics into your feeds—and the problem intensifies.

To that end, there have been some upsides to the constant clicking. Social media is helping people stay connected during lockdown, and as the conversation shifted away from Covid and toward racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement, it's become a tool for active engagement—spreading news about protests, bail funds, community resources—rather than just a forum for the passive consumption of pandemic updates. Yet the late-night digging, the endless reading of bad news, is draining.

So, the doomscrolling continues. The actual origins of the term are a bit murky, though many point to this tweet from October as a possible forebear. Particularly in the word doom.

Originally, the word had connotations that related it to judgement day and the end of the world, but now it's just as likely to be associated with destruction or ruin. The act of doomscrolling, then, is to roll toward annihilation. Taken biblically, it has a Revelation tone.

Each swipe through the timeline marks the end of a day of reckoning—for the state of the world at large and for the person attached to each appendage doing the scrolling. Simultaneously, each person watches the demise of so much, while also slowly destroying themselves. This rush to judgement could also explain why so many public figures are now facing cancelation.

Doomscrolling will never actually stop the doom itself.Powered by WordPress. Van Jonesa longtime pundit and contributor for CNN finds himself this morning on the receiving end of blistering criticism after a news story broke that proves he might be the ops.

The outlet, via a source, discovered that Jones and human rights attorney Jessica Jackson worked on the police, noting that Jackson is the head of the cut50 prison reform group that Jones founded.

Good stuff there. However, Rev. As it stands, Van Jones is looking like the ops right now and Twitter is letting him have it. Van Jones turning out to be a shameless opportunist has to be the least surprising development ever. Van Jones realized early on that he was terrible at TV commentary but he wanted to keep the gig, so he resorted to absurd contrarian takes, just so people would hate-watch him.

So be it. But now that he's been caught secretly conspiring with the Trump regime, CNN has to fire him. When else was Van Jones secretly collaborating with Jared Kushner while not disclosing his role? Van Jones is a joke and an operator. I am a progressive Democrat and this guy does not speak for me. CNNwhen you have him on, I switch channels. I read this piece on Van Jones. You can debate that. Today is the day Van Jones became a double-dealing piece of shit. Since folks are gonna keep tagging me this I been told y'all Van Jones was on some bullshit.

But it is unethical to laud legislation you were involved in crafting while failing to disclose your involvement while on the news network that pays you to be a pundit. This is Ethics DL Hughley was right about Van Jones. Van Jones is an op. What happened to Van Jones?

How did he ended up being an op for Trump? I been said Van Jones was an op. But he is real far Into the Trump cult now wow. Im dying.Western Digital has been receiving a storm of bad press—and even lawsuits —concerning their attempt to sneak SMR disk technology into their "Red" line of NAS disks. The disk performed adequately—if underwhelmingly—in generic performance tests.

But when Servethehome used it to replace a disk in a degraded RAIDz1 vdev, it required more than nine days to complete the operation—when all competing NAS drives performed the same task in around sixteen hours. This has rightfully raised questions as to what Western Digital was thinking when it tried to use SMR technology in NAS drives at all, let alone trying to sneak it into the market.

Had Western Digital even tested the disks at all? Our eight Ironwolf disks are 12T a piece, so we partitioned them down to GiB a piece—this made the array small enough that our new WD Red disk could "fit" as a replacement when we failed an Ironwolf out. When we created the RAID6 array, we used the argument -b noneto keep it from attempting to perform a bitmap scan to do faster rebuilds when using a disk that had previously been in the array.

August Holidays in 2020

This brought the array to a little more than 75 percent used. This was our baseline. Once the Ironwolf had successfully rebuilt into the array, we failed it out again—and this time, we removed it from the system entirely and replaced it with our 4TB Red SMR guinea-pig.

First, we fed the entire 4TB Red to the degraded array as a replacement for the missing, partitioned Ironwolf. Then once it had finished rebuilding, we failed it out again, wipefs -a 'd the RAID header from it, and added it back in to rebuild a second time.

We felt it was important to test both ways, since each case is a common use of NAS disks in the real world. It also seemed likely that an SMR disk full of data might perform worse than a brand-new one, which wouldn't need to read-modify-write as it dealt with already-used zones.

We weren't surprised that the SMR disk performed adequately in the first test—consumer ire aside, it seemed unlikely Western Digital had sent these disks out the door with no testing whatsoever. We were more surprised that it performed the same way in a used condition as it had when new—the drive's firmware was able to shuffle data around well enough that it didn't take a single additional minute to rebuild from a "used" condition as it had when new.

Clearly, the WD Red's firmware was up to the challenge of handling a conventional RAID rebuild, which amounts to an enormous, very large block sequential write test. The next thing to check on was whether the EFAX would handle a heavy version of the typical day-to-day use case of a consumer NAS well—that is, storing large files. Once again, at first glance, the WD Red passes muster.

In terms of throughput, the Red is only The nLight lighting controls platform makes it simple to specify, design, install, and setup, helping to achieve code compliance with either CAT 5e wired controls that work out-of-the-box, or wireless lighting controls with easy configuration using a mobile app.

Ideal for practically any application, small to large, indoor to outdoor offering seamless lighting control scaling from one room to a whole building, across an entire site. Lighting design is simplified by requiring fewer devices, making installation and space reconfiguration easier when using nLight enabled luminaires while eliminating the challenges of on-site interoperability. Networked Lighting Controls Platform.

With nLight, you can control indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly while reducing energy costs, aiding in building code compliance, improving occupant comfort, and much more. The rCMSB is a wireless battery-powered ceiling mount sensor with a modern and small design that simplifies the installation of networked controls.

Methodik is a new online tool free that generates a sequence of operations quickly and provides product recommendations. Elegance and simplicity produce a look suitable for a wide range of applications. In The News.


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