How to trade fiefs warband

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Imas View Profile View Posts. I often heard about trading castles or villages in a bad position for those of other lords in a better position to avoid having your fiefs spread all over the map Last edited by Imas ; 12 Apr, pm.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. Morkonan View Profile View Posts. I believe you can only do that with the Diplomacy submod or a mod that contains it. I haven't played "vanilla" Warband in ages, so I'm not sure on that.

The most popular "vanilla" modpack that adds versions of many popular mods, like Diplomacy, as well as others, is Floris. You can, of course, install the full Diplomacy mod which may have some features added to it that aren't in Floris.

But, Floris is an excellent mod that does not significantly change the play of vanilla Warband. It expands it's features and gives you a great many options for management, weapons, gear, combat, etc. Versions of Diplomacy are incorporated into many other mods, as well. Native, no DLC, no mod's.

Nothing like that in native. Currently playing Pendor, sorry, forgot to add.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Canyon View Profile View Posts. How high do I need my relationship points or whatever they're called to convince him to let me have a castle? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Ging3r View Profile View Posts. The King takes advice from all the Lords sort of a voting system, so you need to have a round a relationship of 10 or so before a Lord will nominate you.

Taking a place will usually get you the holdingh as some Lords only vote for the one who took it. But doing tasks for the Lords and the King, aiding them in battle will boost their relationship with you.

Also make sure that you are a vassal of the realm, if you are not then fight a few battles against the enemy of the King you want to be a vassal of, or become a soldier with a reasonable renown. Tuidjy View Profile View Posts.

If you are a mercenary, you get paid in cash, never in land. If you are not even a mercenary, you keep the fief for yourself, and are considered to have proclaimed yourself a sovereign. You still have the option to take a fief while independent, and then offer your allegiance to a monarch. He will let you keep what you're bringing to his kingdom.

Last edited by Tuidjy ; 28 Aug, pm. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 28 Aug, pm. Posts: 2. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Owning a fief allows you to collect taxes from the populace every week taxes accumulate, so you don't have to visit every week.

In Warband, you automatically receive taxes and do not have to visit to collect them. Towns earn the most base taxes, villages second, and castles the least.

The prosperity of each fief also affects the amount of taxes they produce. The prosperity of a castle is affected by the prosperity of the village that is geographically attached to that castle, even if the village is not owned.

Usually it is the case that the the player will not own a connected castle and village, unless they have large numbers of both villages and castles. You can raise the prosperity of a town by making sure that its caravans reach their destinations, and by completing quests from its Guildmaster. For villages, stop it from being raided, kill bandits if they invade, build improvements, and get quests from its Village Elder. Also, when repeatedly purchasing imported goods from a town or village, the prosperity will eventually drop due to the lack of these goods, and they will no longer be available until trade has returned them, which can take a rather long time.

For castles, the same methods can be employed on adjoining villages, but improvements cannot be built unless the adjoining village is owned. The profitability net income of a castle can be improved by reducing the size of the garrison.

Once a village belongs to you or to your faction you can't loot and burn it, although you can still force the peasants to give you supplies. If you are already disliked by a village that becomes your fief, the villagers will remember and hate you, but you can still collect your taxes as usual.

However, you will be unable to get recruits from this village. You can see your reputation in brackets in the description at the top along with a word describing how much they like or hate you, for example "acceptive", "resentful", "hate you with a passion", etc. If you intend to take part in sieges to earn further fiefs for yourself, you should avoid raiding nearby villages so that they will still like you when you own them.

Burning villages also decreases their prosperity, which affects the taxes and recruits you can collect, so it is a good idea to make sure any villages you may come to own are in as good a condition as possible. The taxes a fief generates are linked to its wealth, ranging from very poor to very rich.

Improving a fief's wealth increases taxes and the amount of recruits you can obtain there. Improving a fief's wealth is no easy task; once it is looted, the wealth will drop back to very poor for a rather long time. Improving the wealth is done by a range of actions. Build a Mill: this is the most important thing you can do.

A mill will improve productivity in your villages and their cities. Increasing reputation: this represents how happy the residents are with your rule. When your people hate you they will leave first chance they get and the village will not grow beyond average, so you must improve the reputation to 0 or higher to gain any real wealth in your fiefs. Patrolling: villagers need to go to a nearby town to obtain new resources and to sell their own surplus. Patrolling your terrain to make sure your villagers are not attacked and enslaved along the route is needed if you wish to improve the fief's wealth, which can pose a problem to lords who have a wide range of fiefs.

Trade: if the town the villagers trade in is poor, prices will be high, resulting in less affordable goods. Your villagers notice this too, as the wealth of the town largely influences the wealth of the villages and vice versa. A town with two poor villages and one average will tend to become poor after some time, due to the lack of production in the villages, and therefore lack of production in the town itself.

The town will increase back to average if the villages near it are at average too, as this allows the town to produce more trade goods which will attract traders who will also bring new goods. After some time this will increase the wealth of the town and give your village a chance to increase its own wealth, as it is directly linked to the town.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. As such, I'm currently a Vassal under King Harlaus. The king, being the generous sort, awarded me a small fiefdom consisting of one village. However, I feel I need a castle in which to store prisoners and plan my next course of action.

Particularly one close to said village. The best way of getting a castle or town is to capture one yourself. Keep an eye out along the borders where towns and castles frequently change hands. Those places usually have a rather weak garrison so you should be able to take it without too much trouble. When you capture a town or castle, you can make the request to your king that you want to keep it.

Don't count on the king giving you one otherwise unless your reputation with him and the other lords are all super high and you manage to convince them to support your cause. To quote the wiki :. Castles are found all over Calradia, and each one has a nearby village. In order to take control of a castle, you must besiege it There are other ways for a faction to capture a castle in Warband other than just besieging it.

Should the player conquer a castle without being sworn to a liege, he takes the castle for himself, and founds a new kingdom If the player conquers a castle when they already have their own new kingdom, they are given a list of Vassals that are with the player's kingdom to take control of the castle, the option for the player to take control of it is available, and the option for the castle to have no Lord is available as well.

So, you can either revolt against your current kingdom to found your own and conquer a castle for yourself through one of the methods mentioned or conquer and then possibly decide to revolt if the king doesn't give it to you or become buds with your king and convince them to appoint you as lord of a castle.

If you conquer a castle yourself, like when conquering a village or fief, you can ask your king to give it to you and if they don't you can either renounce your oath and fiefs, renounce your oath alone and take your fiefs and the one you just captured thus causing you to rebel, or you can take a payout.

The kings apparently make the decision randomly, but key factors seem to be renown and relationship with the king although there is some mention that each fief, city and castle holds some value and that kings try to balance this value out across all vassals.

Apparently you can possibly convince other lords to support your claim to the castle with some persuasion. The more the king likes you the more chances you have of him giving you the castle you conquererd.

how to trade fiefs warband

In my time i had 3 little fiefs, no castle and no large city. When i finally captured my first castle the king said he would prefer it to give it to his friend instead of me. But because i was a nobleman i let it slide, now the fun part was that about a few moves after the castle was again under enemy control. So then it was the second time i conquered the castle alone This time was easyer because there were only recruits present in the castle, and i gave them free passage if they left.

Now i asked it again, and because he already gave it as a present to another "friend", he was able to give it to me. I would suggest trying to capture one alone and you should have a higher percentage to get it. I have no source for this, but I did capture a great city alone and the king gave it to me directly. Sign up to join this community.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Rumi View Profile View Posts.

how to trade fiefs warband

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. You have probably learnd the game by then. Press camp and you can ''rename your faction''. For giving fiefs you can speak with your minister.

Mount and Blade Making cities and towns rich

If you dont have a minister you can give a minister position for one of your companions. Ymira is the best at that. So be a vassal before you make your own kingdom.

And make as many friends as you can with points of likes. Last edited by MouseChaser ; 2 Jul, am. It depends what they want.

how to trade fiefs warband

You can, just talk to your companion by pressing P by default. Butyou have to have a castle or town.

Mount & Blade: Warband - Hidden Mechanics Guide (Tips, Tricks, and Meta)

IF you still want to help nords, you can talk to the king and become a vassal again. If not just improve the relationship with the king. Did you take a quest or something? Can you upload your save file and drop it here, so I can check it myself and take a screenshots for you?

IF you dont want to share it publicly just add me as friend and send me a link with your save files if you want. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 2 Jul, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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how to trade fiefs warband

Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 60 comments. Weizen View Profile View Posts. Use the tourney rewards, collect 10k, and buy a dyeshop from every guildmaster. Last edited by Weizen ; 30 Jun, pm. Originally posted by Weizen :. Originally posted by avann :. Tournaments - Ask where they current ones are in the arena. Trading - Assess prices in a market for hints. Raiding - Pillage and burn villages when you're at war.

You can earn quite a lot from each village. I dont recommend this, it makes the people hate you, but if you need money Don't take out their hideout though. I've seen a few Masterwork weapons drop, as well as a ton of their armour, which sells for a few hundred. Also selling slaves is decent money for higher end troops. Miiiiiiiiiiiiike View Profile View Posts.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord caravans: how to get them up and running

But, basically, become vassal and over time you will get fiefs which give you a weekly income. You do afterall have to keep stocked on food, so might as well buy other stuff and make a quick denar or two. Buying enerprises in other factions land doesn't make it useless. If they are hostile towards you for a bit, you just wont get any moeny from that enterprise.

It doesn't actually cost you money as such when it is in an enemy controlled town. And over time a peace deal is made so your enterprise can work well for 6 weeks or so. Increasing Leadership skill reduces wages. If you manage to get your village, Eber to Rich status it will bring in about denar a week.

You basically need your own city to make much off of your fiefs.Home Games News Cosplay. There are a lot of obscure mechanics in Warband that a very large fraction of the playerbase is unaware of. Even veterans of this game do not necessarily know how everything works. This guide attempts to bring some of these obscure mechanics to light. I haven't proofread anything yet, but hopefully you can learn something. Introduction Even after hours, I am still learning new things about this game.

Is that a good thing? If you asked me, probably not. There are so many obscure mechanics -- some of which are extremely important, mind you -- that the game doesn't explain clearly, and so a huge portion of the playerbase may not even know about most of these things. Because of this, I figured I should write a guide that explains them. Lord Armies: Overall, on good campaign AI, and to some extent average, enemy kingdoms will be significantly more powerful and it becomes essential to take lords prisoner.

In code, this is technically done by determining the cost of recruitment. On Good Campaign AI, a lord will be able to completely recover from defeat after just a week or so. Whereas on poor campaign AI, you can easily get away with never taking a single lord prisoner throughout your entire game, on good campaign AI, I would recommend that you take enemy lords prisoner -- even upstanding and good-natured ones -- to prevent a constant stream of enemies.

Campaign AI also determines a Lord's wealth I think? Or it might just be a side effect of drastically lower recruitment costs and their army's XP rate -- both of these primarily determine their army's troop quality. It is a common myth that max AI lord party size is determined by campaign AI difficulty. In fact, it is determined by the "ideal party size" variable, which is determined by the player's level.

In other words, max AI lord party size is the same across all difficulties and scales with the player's level. Practically speaking, though, Lord armies will generally tend to be bigger on good campaign AI because Lords can reach their max party sizes faster because of their outrageously buffed recruitment speed.

Additionally, these death stacks will have far more room to upgrade their troops. Behavior: Campaign AI determines how biased lords are against the player in several ways.


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